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Push Paper Stapler - 50 Pcs Clip Free

Push Paper Stapler - 50 Pcs Clip Free

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Stainless steel clips are reusable, easy to remove for secondary use, will not cause any scratches or damage to the paper, hold the paper together without leaving traces of staples

It can be used by office clerks, students and teachers, and can also be used by sealing food packaging bags, which is convenient and fast, safe and does not hurt hands!


Useful tool for the home, shop or travel, it is a good helper for your personal and family. It also has push function in office and workshop.

Put the auxiliary clip into the clip pusher from the tail. After the pusher is fixed on the document, push out the exit clip of the pusher. There is a release hook at the end of the clip pusher for removing the clip from the document.

2 times more than standard stapler, ideal for desktop use in the office, home or classroom. (Can also be used for sealing snack bags, document bags, etc.)

Made of high quality PP and metal, safe, eco-friendly and durable, the groove on the tail can help to remove the clip.

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